Restaurant & Lounge

The ultimate interactive entertainment for your lounge or restaurant.

Take a slow night and turn it into a winner. Upwards of 100 racing crabs available for sponsorship. All selected crabs race each other.

Unlike other types of entertainment, like bands and DJ's, once people are involved, they stay for the whole three hour event, eating and drinking.

One half-hour before people start selecting their racers, we start the music, usually Island or Beach, but we can adjust it to your format.

There are lots of souvenir prizes with your name & logo.

At the beginning of the show, everyone lines up and selects their own crab and names it. Everyone HAS to select their own crab (no exceptions).

Parents must play with the kids. This is a family sport.

Before we start racing, we introduce everyone and their crab.

Crabs race from center to outside line.

We give them twelve heat races. The winner goes out and rests up for the championship.

The sponsor gets a two-for-one drink ticket.

After all heat races, the winning racers receive certificates.

Championship Race:
The top three racers are awarded digital pictures of them, their crab and their pit crew (everyone with them). Finisher number one gets a  Gift Certificate 

Pix go up on website..

Where else can you walk into an establishment, get introduced to everyone and WIN prizes  for FREE ?


If you think that Hermit Crab Racing might be a good fit for your club or lounge please Contact Us.

We are the original, don't be fooled!  The National Crab Racing Association is not affiliated with any other crab racing business or organization.



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Hermit Crab Racing