Corporate Program

Hermit Crab Racing is the ultimate interactive entertainment for your next corporate meeting or party.

Upwards of 100 racing crabs available for sponsorship. Everyone selects their own racer and names it.

It's total involvement in a highly intense, competitive situation.

Our crab races can also be a team building event (team races against team).

The show format can be customized to fit your groups particular needs,
from a 45 minute reception before dinner to several 15 minute shows throughout the evening.

Most situations have the races fill in the band or DJ breaks.

In situations where you don't need a band or DJ, we can also provide background music the whole event. Sound system is available to the host for announcements.

Everyone walks away with souvenirs.


The Races:
At the beginning of the show, everyone lines up and selects their own crab and names it.
We give them a sponsor slip with their crab's number on it. Crabs race from center to outside line. We give them five heat races, taking the top two each heat. Those two go out until the final races.

Final Race:

The sponsors of the top three crabs are awarded Winners Certificates and digital photos of the racer and his crab. Pix go up on website. 

We start a new racing tournament every hour or so during the event.


If you think that Hermit Crab Racing might be right for your next corporate event, please Contact Us.


Corporate Event List:

The following is a list of some Corporate Events in 2017

We are the original, don't be fooled!  The National Crab Racing Association is not affiliated with any other crab racing business or organization.



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