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The National Crab Racing Association (N.C.R.A.) was formed in 1979 by Jim Morgan, who as founder, immediately appointed himself “Commissioner for Life”, thereby ensuring that no one could vote him out of office as they do in other sports.

The biggest challenge, since this was a brand new sport, was finding championship class racers. Commissioner Morgan spent many frustrating months scouring the beaches and mud-flats of Florida with no success. There were lots of crabs but none with championship qualities. However, fate was not to be denied.

One sunny day, Morgan was searching the beaches of Siesta Key, when he struck up a conversation with a guy having an outing with his family. As luck would have it, he was the largest importer of Hermit crabs in the world. Thus began the 38 year relationship between Commissioner Morgan and Florida Marine Research (FMR).

Only the strongest and leanest crabs are selected and put through an extensive training program dealing mainly with discipline and attitude, which are two characteristics of all great athletes.

The best crabs are assigned to the roster of the official racing circuit for six months. At the end of their racing careers, they are retired as true champions and adopted out to good homes as pets.

Each year one champion is honored with the prestigious Morgan Trophy which is comparable to the Heisman Trophy in college football.

Over the past 40 years, the NCRA has toured all over the USA and Canada. As in other sports, rival associations (imitators) have sprung up. Most have come and gone, but a few have managed to grope along in our shadow using the seeds that Commissioner Morgan has sown.

The NCRA has continuously maintained recognition as #1 in its field. After all, in the Commissioner’s words:


"There’s only one Kentucky Derby, there’s only one Indy
500, and there’s only one crab race – the NCRA."


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We are the original, don't be fooled!  The National Crab Racing Association is not affiliated with any other crab racing business or organization.



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